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Email Hoaxes

From time to time people forward email messages indicating that you should take
an action in response to a virus.

The email message may instruct you to check to see if you have a virus on your PC.
It will instruct you to do a search for a particular file and then delete that file.
Other times it will warn you about a subject line to watch out for.

They are asking you to forward this warning to everyone in your address book.
Many times the warning is a hoax.

I received an email from someone who said that I may have 'sulfnbk.exe' on my PC.
I did because it was shipped by Microsoft for Windows. It is a system utility.

BEFORE deleting the file, go to a search engine like Yahoo ( http://www.yahoo.com/ )
and do a search on the file name.
You can also search the Symantec Anti-Virus site at http://www.symantec.com/search/
Do a search on the file name or the subject line. Use whatever text is unique.

In the example above, if you search on 'sulfnbk.exe', you will find that the message is a hoax.

Not all warnings are a hoax but check before deleting any files in a panic.

Good luck...