Photos 2018
East Coast 2018         Bluebird Cafe     in Nashville
Bluebird Cafe (Street View)

Bluebird Cafe (Satellite)
4104 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37215

This is the Bluebird Cafe that was used in the TV show "Nashville".

Gail wanted to see if we could find it. I put it in the GPS and headed toward it.
When we got there the GPS said "you have reached your destination" but we didn't see it anywhere.
I drove past it and pulled into a parking lot

Then I looked it up on my tablet. It was just after McDonalds and the AT&T store

I drove back to where the McDonalds was. I drove real slowly to the AT&T store and turned into the next driveway to re-figure.
We were right in front of it and didn't know it.

I didn't take the next two pictures. I found them on Google Images.
These pictures were taken when they WERE open.

I took this picture. It was Memorial Day and they were closed.

I took this picture of Gail. There were a number of disappointed people who drove up and found them closed.